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LC2-PC30G6-8 Ceiling Speak.30W

Artikelnummer: 752201

LC2-PC30G6-8 Premium-sound Ceiling Loudspeaker 30W
30 W, 8-inch two-way loudspeaker (packing include 2 pieces)

   • 8-inch coaxial two-way
   • Waveguide coupled Ti tweeter
   • Full bandwidth overload protection
   • Front baffle wattage tap adjustment
   • BS 5839-8 and EN 60849 compliant

The LC2-PC30G6-8 is a 8-inch two-way Premium-sound Ceiling Loudspeaker which provides; wide dispersion, high efficiency, high maximum output, ease-of-installation, and wide-range reproduction of music and voice. It consists of a baffle assembly, grille, back-can enclosure, 8-inch coax two-way loudspeaker and internal output-power matching transformer. The loudspeaker features a waveguide coupled titanium coated dome tweeter.

ArtikelnrMått i mm Vikt E-nummer
752201Ø 300 mm x 255 mm5 kg
752200Ø 210 mm x 176 mm2.7 kg
752202Ø 300 mm x 178 mm5 kg
752203Ø 350 mm x 303 mm7 kg
752204Ø 414 mm x 333 mm13.3 kg
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