Cloud LE1W

Stereo Ingångspanel för DCM1

Artnr. 832023

The LE-1 Line Input Module provides a stereo RCA phono socket line level input and a 3.5mm stereo headphone level input for the Cloud DCM-1 Digital Control Zone Mixer. The LE-1 is used to provide local stereo line-level inputs in a zone allowing connection of audio equipment such as CD players, radio microphone receivers, MP3 players, PC’s and mobile devices.

The LE-1 connects to one of four LE-1 / BE-1 RJ45 Line level input ports on a Cloud DCM-1 via a single screened Cat-5 cable. A maximum of four LE-1 / BE-1 Balanced Input Modules can be daisy chained together per RJ45 input port on a Cloud DCM-1.