Centralutrustning FBT EN54

FBT – Professional Audio Systems Celebrating our 50th year in 2013, FBT (Factory Baldoni Tanoni) is a major international professional audio brand.

With a purpose built factory complex in the Italian town of Recanati, we design and manufacture a wide range of products from open-air line array speaker systems through to static installations in concert halls and mobile PA systems for bands and DJs.

FBT MBT 1101

Artnr. 703892

FBT MBT 1101

Pre-amplified Mic console with gooseneck

FBT MBT 1106

Artnr. 703893

FBT MBT 1106

Pre-amplified Mic console with gooseneck 6 zones

Artnr. 495213

FBT FMG 2000

Artnr. 495214

FBT FMH 2000

Handhållen mikrofon med PTT-knapp

Artnr. 495204

FBT VAIE 7502 EN54-16

Artnr. 495205

FBT VAIE 7504 EN54-16

Artnr. 495206

FBT VAIE 7506 EN54-16

Artnr. 495207

FBT VAIE 7M04 EN54-16

Artnr. 495208

FBT VAIE 7M06 EN54-16


Artnr. 495220

FBT VAIE 5502 Max: 400W EN54-16

Max: 2 slingor Standard