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FBT VAIE 7M06 EN54-16

Artnr. 495208

The new VAIE 7M00 range includes two integrated voice evacuation systems for emergency facilities, designed specifically for wall-mounting and equipped with control units, certified in compliance with EN54- 16:2008 / EN54-4 standards. Depending on the model, these systems are capable of managing from 4 to 6 alarm zones, each driven by a single amplifier, as well as remote microphone stations and controlled inputs to be connected to a central fire-fighting system. It is possible to connect up to a maximum of 6 of these systems to one other (for managing an overall maximum of 36 zones).
The range includes:
VAIE 7M04 – 1000W / 4 zone / double output line (A+B)
VAIE 7M06 – 1000W / 6 zone / double output line (A+B)

Rated audio output: 1000 W overall, distributable freely among the zones with a maximum limit of 250 W per single zone.

  • Backlit 4.3″ display with touch screen for selecting the alert and evacuation zones and enabling navigation for adjusting volume levels, configuring the equipment and viewing failures.
  • Handheld fireman’s paging microphone.
  • Sending out of pre-recorded EVACUATION and ALERT messages.
  • Sending out of pre-recorded BROADCAST messages (i.e. spots, announcements, sound bells).
  • Playing back of pre-recorded messages via monitor loudspeaker.
  • 7 off controlled input contacts, configurable for playing the evacuation and/or alert messages to the programmed zones or for resetting the messages.
  • 1 off music input for sound sources.
  • 1 off auxiliary input configurable as a music source, a call with precedence activation or a call with automatic activation (VOX).
  • 3 off configurable relay outputs.
  • Double A+B output for each zone.
  • Event log (list of failures and/or alarms that have occurred in the system).
  • Double LINK line for connecting other VAIE 7M00 (up to a total of 6 units).
  • Multilanguages management.
  • Protected local button for placing the system in an emergency state, equipped with its own LED.
  • Local reset button.
  • 3-band equalisation for each zone output.
  • 3-band equalisation for each music input.
  • Built-in SD/USB input for background music MP3 player.
  • Independent selection on each zone of the various audio sources (MUSIC IN, AUX IN, MP3 player and EXT).
  • Up to 8 pre-recorded messages can be retrieved from outside through input contacts (of which 2 fixed emergency messages – plus 6 that can be classed as emergency / evacuation / broadcast messages).
  • Possibility of setting up to 16 timers for the programmed playing out of the broadcast messages with the possible activation of signalling relays.
  • Up to 16 MBT 1106 and/or MBT 1112 broadcasting microphone stations can be connected.
  • Up to 4 FMD 2001 and/or FMD 2012 remote emergency units can be connected ( or, as an alternative, up to 2 touch screen units TSC 6000- EN).
  • EN54-4 certified battery charge unit for 24VDC secondary power supply (batteries not included).
  • Mounting on 19″ rack.


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