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LA3-VARI-CS Vari Configuration

Artnr. 752136

LA3-VARI-CS Vari Configuration set
Configuration software for the Vari-directional Array, with USB to RS485 converter for connection to the PC USB port.

• Unmatched sound quality and speech intelligibility
• Fast solution for challenging environments
• Smart modular design, flush mountable
• Sophisticated beam configuration with EASE support
• Integrated ambient noise level sensor for AVC

Many large modern and classical buildings, like passenger terminals and cathedrals, use hard reflective materials for floors, walls and ceilings. Due to their size and absence of absorbing materials the reverberation time is long and the amount of indirect reverberant sound compared to direct sound is high. This is disastrous for good speech intelligibility.

1 CD (software and documentation)
1 USB to RS485 converter
1 USB cable
1 RS485 cable