• EN54-24

    EN54 del 24 - Högtalare för talat utrymningslarm

  • Kapslingsklass IP55

    Kapslingsklass IP55


IP 55 coax horn loaded spk - 12" + 1" - 80°H x 50°V disp

Artnr. 495322

The FBT SHADOW 112HCT/EN is a weatherproof coaxial two way loudspeaker system offering substantial power and efficiency for a variety of professional indoor or outdoor applications. The low frequency transducer is a 12″ woofer with a 2,5″ voice coil. The high frequency section is a 1″ driver with 1.7″ voice coil. The FBT SHADOW 112HCT/EN features a standard 100V line transformer. The cabinet is a single piece rotational moulded in polypropylene, fully UV protected. The FBT SHADOW 112HCT/EN is internal equipped with ceramic terminal block and thermal fuses ensuring the continued operation of loudspeakers in the event of a fire; in addition all connections use flame-retardant cabling which adheres to the EN50200 standard (with IP68 airtight cable glands). The cabinet is equipped with a stainless steel U-bracket. The grille is in custom perforated stainless steel with 3 layers of protection. The FBTSHADOW 112HCT/EN meets the requirements of IP55 code (International Protection Rating)

  • 2-way passive speaker
  • 2 channels
  • IP55 protection
  • Usually associated with indoor systems, are now available for outdoor use
  • Input connectors: 4 cables
  • Low frequency unit: 12″ woofer
  • High frequency unit: 1″ tweeter
  • SPL max: 128dB
  • Grey colour
70 Hz - 20 kHz
90 H x 90 V
Nominell impedans
8 ohm
430 x 430 x 400 mm
15 kg