LBB4440/00 Supervision Control


Artnr. 751860

The board controls the communication between the Praesideo system and the loudspeaker or loudspeaker line supervision boards. The LBB 4440/00 is the supervision control board, monitoring multiple supervision-slave boards (LBB 4441/00 and LBB 4443/00), which are mounted inside the loudspeakers on the line. With these boards working together, it is possible to supervise 16, 64, or up to 80 loudspeakers or loudspeaker lines on a 500- watt amplifier.

• Multiple speaker and line monitoring without additional cabling

• Mounted inside the power amplifier

• Controls up to 80 speaker and line supervision boards

• Open-circuit fault detection

• Compatible with 100 V and 70 V loudspeaker lines

60 x 50 x 17 mm
30 g