LBB4443/00 EOL End of line

inkl. Adresslista HEX LBB4443

Artnr. 751863

LBB 4443/00 End of Line (EOL) Supervision Board
monitors the integrity of a loudspeaker line

• Loudspeaker line monitoring without additional cabling
• Open-circuit fault detection
• Compatible with 100 V and 70 V loudspeaker lines
• Powering of the supervision-board from the power amplifier
• Communication is not affected by the audio signals on the line

The board monitors the integrity of a loudspeaker line. The boards work together with the LBB 4440/00 Supervision Control Board to monitor the status of the loudspeaker line and all of its branches. The line status is communicated to the LBB 4440/00 via the existing loudspeaker cable.