FBT WP8008

Wall panel control for DMM8008

Artnr. 703695

Wall panel control for DMM8008

The WP8008 is an optional Wall panel control module for the DMM 8008 Matrix System to give remote control of the DMM 8008 idea for commercial and professional application such as Conference rooms, Auditoriums, Sport utility buildings, House of worship, Pubs and Disco. Connection type: RS-485.

The WP8008 module (WP) has 3 operating modes: 1. SYSTEM SETUP 2. MASTER MODE 3. ZONE MODE

  •  ”Set” key used to access the various menu and to confirm
  •  ”Esc” button is used to exit from the menu below
  •  ”EncButton” button associated with the relative encoder used to enter and exit the standby mode if the key is pressed for about 5-6 sec. Or with the single pressure allows the setting of the step when the system is on the menu for changing the values of Gain and Volume (Gain =-127dB to + 12dB; Volume =-127dB to + 18dB)
  •  Relative Encoder: used to move between the various menu and change the value of the parameters.
  •  LCD display 2 x 20 alphanumeric
  •  Power ON Led: when lit indicates that the system is powered
  •  Eth Led: when lit indicates that the WP is communicating with the DMM8008