Centralutrustning ATEÏS EN54

ATEÏS has over 30-years of experience in designing, developing and supplying professional sound solutions. Today, ATEÏS is a leading company within the PA/VA Public Address and Voice Alarm (certified EN54) market.

We provide innovative solutions to meet small as well as complex system requirements: background music, speech, broadcasting messages, public announcements and voice evacuation. The best guarantee of the quality and reliability of ATEÏS products is the number of prestigious and elite projects realized throughout the world.

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Artnr. 491722

CD8-G2 Fireman microphone

8 Buttons to DIVA8M

Artnr. 491723

PPM-AS Zonmikrofon

8 Buttons to IDA8

Artnr. 491728

PPM/PSM Mikrofon med Junktion Box

Ingår i PPM/PSM